Salaried IFA - Medical Profession London / Reading / Cambridge / Cornwall




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£50,000 to £65,000 Per Annum


All expenses covered



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You have to be an experienced Financial Adviser used to dealing with Clients who require quite complex forms of Financial Planning. These Doctors are all in the NHS Super Annuation Pension Scheme which has limitations on its final Pension Benefits and they will seek your advice. Advice normally covers Retirement Planning, Investments, Locum Assurance, Keyman and Partnership Assurance as well as Life Cover.

All these Doctors are earning in excess of £100K so they do need to see an IFA who has good technical knowledge. 


You will be building and developing your Client base within a certain post code areas. There is a Client base to work with, but your role is to expand this Client base and develop it further. Leads are generated for you and with the use of a Call-Centre, they are booked in for you. These leads are properly qualified and will be booked in for you on certain days of the week to suit you. Normally you will get about 3 leads booked per week but if you would like more, then this can be arranged.

As your client base grows, and you start generating good levels of Service Fees, then you can request to receive less leads to suit your business needs.


The basic salary is £50K - £65K but you should be earning in excess of £100K. There is a full benefits package that goes with the role as well. Well established existing Financial Advisers there are earning well inexcess of £180K plus region.