About Financial Services Recruitment

All about us:

We are a specialist Financial Services Recruitment Agency with a difference. We are actually Ex-Industry and have had many years as Financial Consultants and Senior Management roles within Financial Services.

So we can actually speak from personal experiences and fully understand how you feel. Another of our key strengths is that we can talk the language and have the technical knowledge to talk to you about the technicalities of each job opportunity. 

Because of our experiences within the industry itself, we know what a Financial Adviser needs to succeed, and how to further their career. Our main speciality is to look after our Candidates and their careers and maintain an on going working relationship.

We are also very selective with whom our Client Companies are and we have our own 'Preferred Clients List'. Likewise, we have Clients who approach us and request our services for the opportunities they offer.

What you can expect from us:

We specialise in Career Progression for Financial Advisers who wish to progress their careers in the Financial Services sector. When working with Candidates such as yourself, there is an actual process we use which is as follows:

It is really important to know the type of role you are looking for, including the package you are after, location of the role, the role type such as employed or self-employed and determine your future aspirations.

We then ensure your CV presents you in the best way highlighting your key successes including your main skills and strengths and that the CV is specifically tailored for each different role that you will be applying for.

We will carry out a thorough research programme for the types of roles that most fit your requirement and ideally come up with a list of three potential opportunities.

We are very selective with the types of Financial Services organisations we work with. We pay particular attention to their Financial Adviser proposition and future career prospects they can offer.

Before you go for interviews, we will ensure that you are fully prepared and properly briefed.We will provide you with a copy of our Interview Guidelines and that we will carry out Interview Training sessions with you.

At the end of the day, we will ensure you will have a great new future Career ahead of you.

The key is - Getting it right first time

The key is - Getting it right first time

Our philosophy is that, if we get it right, then we will have enhanced our reputation with our clients and candidates, meaning that they come back to us again in the future, and more importantly, recommend us to others.