What we do for our Candidates

What we offer YOU is a comprehensive range of services that will help YOU with your Future Career. These services are tailored to keep you informed on jobs opportunities available and what preparation is required to maximise your chances of getting an offer and progressing your career.
The big benefit to you is that during our discussions, we will have a clearly defined Career Path mapped out for you. Our job is to ‘Focus on your Future’.

Getting recruitment wrong wastes a great deal of time and money and can seriously jeopardise the candidate’s career. Likewise if our clients take on a candidate who is not ideally suited for the role, this to can be a very costly exercise.

At FSR, we do not ‘sell’ a role to our candidates. It is a question of getting ‘the right match’ and ensuring both client and candidate are 100% happy with each other.

What is different about us?  We actually care about you and your future.

This is how we work for you, the Candidate

The actual job role

The actual job role

  • Each role is fully vetted and we ensure that it is properly workable and realistic.
  • We work with a Preferred Client List, working with the top financial services companies.
  • We work very closely with clients to make sure we have a clear understanding of the role.
  • We submit candidates who have the right qualifications, skills, knowledge, and attitude.
  • Each candidate can demonstrate a successful track record for the role they are applying for. 
For the Candidate

For the Candidate

  • We make sure all our candidates are fully informed about the roles they are applying for.
  • Suitability of the role is paramount. We will be straight with you.
  • Preparation is the key. Each of our candidates will be properly prepared for interviews.
  • If we think it is the right role for the candidate, we will fully explain how and why.
  • Career progression is essential - we will ensure their next role is the right one in their career.

What we offer you

A Comprehensive Range of Job Opportunities

We specialise in recruiting for all the major Financial Services organisations. The range of jobs we offer is very comprehensive and we work with other Recruitment Specialists so that we pool all our resources together.

We call this The FSR Alliance where we can offer you an even more extensive range of jobs right across the Financial Services sector. This is one of our unique selling points.

Keeping in Touch

Communication is key on both sides. We guarantee that we will always keep you informed of developments while you are actively looking for a new position.

Free Job Alerts

We offer a free job alert facility where we will notify you of any job position that may crop up in your area that we feel might be of interest to you. This is an on going service where we can keep you up to date as to what is happening in the jobs market.

Career Counselling

We look at where you are today, where you want to be and plan how to get you there. This may take a while and but at least you know what your potential career path looks like. We call this Your Road Map.

Interview Guidance

When it comes to interviews and assessment days, there is no doubt that preparation is the key. Those who properly prepare themselves have an 80% better chance of securing their ideal role. What we do is help you to prepare yourself. We will provide you with:

  • A Comprehensive set of Interview guide-lines.
  • 1st interview or ‘coffee chat’ meeting as well as the final interview preparation.
  • Carry out a series of coaching and feedback sessions.

Before each interview, you will be totally prepared and will feel very confident in yourself and your ability to perform on the day.

CV Writing Service

Many of our Candidates find it quite challenging in preparing their own CV’s. This is where we come in.

  • We will collate all the information concerning your career and put together what we call a ‘Candidate Profile’. This is a career document about you, your successes, achievements and your key skills and strengths.
  • It is done in a particular format that introduces you to Potential new Employers in the best possible light.
  • We know what they are looking for, and we help them to ‘Buy You’.

Take a look at our CV Writing section

General Counselling

We find many of our Candidates want to have a ‘Chat’ about their career, the Industry and if they would be better off working with a different employer.

  • We will tell you straight how we feel about your current situation and advise you on what we feel is the most appropriate course of action for you to take.
  • If you start having doubts about your current position, then all you have to do is telephone us and book for a free Consultation.
  • On many occasions we have advised our Candidates that they are better staying where they are and we will explain the reasons why.
  • If in doubt – just telephone. As they say – It’s good to talk.

Advice on Professional Qualifications

We can offer some advice on which exams might be most appropriate in your current and future situation and what you need to do to achieve new standards such as Charter Status.

Email News Letters

We will be sending out periodic Email News Letters with information of ‘Hot Job’ opportunities. This News Letter will also contain our thoughts and views on the current situation in the World of Financial Services.

We will also welcome any contributions from our Members as well which will be treated with strictest confidence!