What we do for our clients

It is our firm belief that our Client’s interests are paramount and that we must not only build but maintain a high level of trust and understanding throughout our working relationship.

If we get it right first time, then hopefully you will keep using us. This is basically how we operate. 

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This is how we work for you, the Client

The Client Brief.

The Client Brief.

We fully appreciate the importance of making sure we have a full briefing from yourselves of your recruitment requirements. On our side, we will make sure of the following:

  • Get your full job specification of the role in question.
  • Check with yourselves our understanding of the role.
  • Work to your particular recruitment schedule and timings.
  • Familiarise ourselves of your recruitment and interview processes.
  • Meet your recruitment objectives within certain times scales.
The Candidate Selection Process.

The Candidate Selection Process.

While searching for the right candidate for you, we will use a number of processes to source these candidates. The processes we use are:

  • Research the market using networking via existing contacts, referrals and recommendations.
  • Direct headhunts and researching our existing database of already qualified candidates.
  • All candidates are properly interviewed including evidencing past performances.
  • Research all past employment history and ensuring accuracy of CV’s.
  • Check each candidate has the proper qualifications for the role.
Candidate Preparation.

Candidate Preparation.

Each candidate selected will be properly brief and prepared of the role you have and we will check that they fully understand what the role is actually all about. We will also ensure:

  • You get a full and accurate CV of their current and past employment details.
  • The candidate is genuinely interested in applying for your role rather than ‘shopping’ around.
  • Each applicant is totally briefed on your recruitment process and what to expect at the interviews.
  • They bring all the correct documentation to back up past achievements and performance records.
  • That the candidate has the right character and back ground to suit the role.
Meeting Your Expectations.

Meeting Your Expectations.

During the whole recruitment process, we are aware that you the client have a specific need and we, the Professional Recruiter have to meet your needs. So on our side you can expect the following:

  • We will not flood you with CV’s of inappropriate candidates and hope ‘something sticks’.
  • Give you our honest and frank opinion of the current market situation of quality candidates.
  • Maintain close communication with yourselves and respond instantly to your emails etc.
  • Provide accurate feedback along with our suggestions and recommendations.
  • Assure you have maximum opportunity of securing a placement with the right candidate.