Am I in the right job?

Do you like your job? – Are you in the right role?

Many Employees, working for large institutions especially in the Financial Services sector can find themselves in a ‘Non-Denial’ situation. Although they are in a very committed ‘full on’ working environment, they do not, or cannot admit to themselves, that basically they are not really happy with their current working situation.

Being in Financial Services Recruitment, it is quite staggering the high percentage of Candidates we come across who just do not like their current working environment. Many try and ‘stick it out’ to see if it gets any better. Well, the chances are, it will never ever get any better. 

When speaking to these Candidates, they keep coming up with reasons and excuses as to why they should stay on. They do not want to admit to themselves or others why, that they are in a bad place. Their work life balance is awful, there is a lot of stress at home, and the work pressures are almost over whelming. With many of these financial organisations, there is so much pressure to perform, and get more ‘funds under management’ We come across this so regularly.  Under the current Regulatory requirements in the Financial Advisory side, employees are discouraged for introducing ‘sales performance targets’ to their Financial Advisers. They get around this by setting ‘Activity’ targets which involves the number of Clients appointments you achieve per week and per month.

Here is an exercise for you to determine whether you are in the right role or not. Just go through each question and the answers you use are:


Then you give yourself the following scoring points for each answer:

Give yourself 0 points for each Never answer.1 point for each Sometimes answer.2 points for each Often answer then using the following scores as a starting point to measure your level of job satisfaction.

So here goes…….

NEVER – 0 POINTS                               SOMETIMES – 1 POINT                             OFTEN – 2 POINTS

1. Each morning, I have this dread of going into work.

2. I have this feeling that my role is pretty insecure and that I should be doing something about it.

3. I feel I have a poor Work / Life balance and do not spend enough time with my family.

4. I get fed up with having to follow tedious work processes’ and procedures.

5. I am so inundated with work, that I often have to take work home to try and catch up.

6. I feel under constant pressure to achieve my weekly and monthly targets required objectives.

7. I feel tired during the workday and quite shattered in the evening and weekends.

8. I don't bother mentioning concerns to my Manager because it's usually a waste of time.

9. In fact, I actually prefer to avoid contact with my Manager altogether.

10. If I leave my office during the day for a Client meeting, I take my time getting back.

11. I often look at job sites on the Internet and sometimes speak to Recruitment Companies.

12. I complain to my Friends and Colleagues about my work.

13. I often have trouble sleeping nights because I'm thinking about work.

14. I do not find my role very stimulating or rewarding and it can get quite tedious.

Total Score:

Now count up your points:

 0 to 8 points…… Very satisfied.

9 - 12 points……. Somewhat satisfied.

13 -18 points…… Somewhat dissatisfied.

19 - 22 points……Very dissatisfied.

23 - 28 points……Why are you still working there?

If you get a score of over 19 – Then we need to talk!

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