Working with the right Financial Services recruitment specialist

Are you one of those Financial Advisers, looking for a new potential career opportunity, posted your CV on one of those job boards, and then got totally  ‘blitzed’  by loads of nuisance telephone calls from so called ‘recruiters’, suggesting jobs to you that are totally irrelevant and unsuitable. Anything for a fee!

We have seen many Candidates who thought they would see ‘what’s out there’ job wise.

Dipping their toe in the market just to see if they could be better off elsewhere.

So, they apply for either a role advertised or – put their CV towards a so called role advertised on a ‘jobs boards’.

Then all hell lets loose. Your CV will be advertised for all to see and before you know it, you will get inundated with messages ‘to call urgently’ etc.

Many Financial Advisers think this is a safer option of checking out the market rather than approaching a recruiter direct who will probably shove everything and anything to them

Todays Financial Services recruitment market

In the Financial Services Recruitment industry, we have seen so many changes. Today, the candidate, you, is King. The industry is desperately short of good Diploma qualified, Chartered or as near to it as possible, experienced Financial Advisers. The problem today is that there are so many financial services organisations looking for Financial Advisers, and basically, there are not enough of you. What is a bit of a shame is that we have seen a large growth of IFA companies or financial services organisations that certainly do not represent your interest.

We just don’t deal with them. We have done a due diligence exercise on these Companies and are quite surprised by their general attitude towards Financial Advisers. They regard you as a potential ‘money making machine’ and only want you to generate more profits for them and build up loads of funds under management.

There are now to many financial services recruiters all recruiting for the same companies who pay the highest fees. So everyone is ‘fishing’ in the same pond and the pond is drying out. Recruiters are resorting to desperate measures, like hounding Financial Advisers on linkedin, cold calling and making wild exaggerated claims on the roles they have. To them it is just the fee.

Who do I trust?

So, you need someone who you can trust to advise you on your new future. You, as a very professional Financial Adviser, advise your Clients on the best financial solutions for them. We, as Professional Financial Services Recruitment specialist, specialise in advising you, The Financial Adviser, on the best career opportunities available to you on the market.

We are Career Progression Specialists with the financial services recruitment industry.

If you are seriously looking for a new role, or just want to see ‘what’s out there’, you need someone who you can trust implicitly to advise you.

What we do is a thorough review exercise of your current career. Where you are today, where you want to be, and how we can help you to get there. We know the market well and have our own ‘preferred Client list, which is a list of Clients who have an excellent Financial Adviser proposition as well as an excellent Client proposition and provide you with top back up admin and paraplanning support.

Sometimes, when carrying out a career review for our Candidates, we often advise them that they are better off ‘Staying’ where they are. We have Candidates who are so grateful to us for explaining what the market is like, and how their current role compares with others.

Within our organisation, we are all ex Financial Adviser’s, having been in the industry for many years, and we know the industry well. That’s what makes us different. We can talk the language!

A good recruiter can give you a full up to date review of the current job market, the best and most suitable salary packages for you, how your role compares with others and who to look at, and in many cases, not to look at.

What are the benefits of using us?

We will work with you exclusively and if your work with us exclusively, we will go all out to find you the right role. You have our assurance that each time we put you forward for a role, you will not be competing with our other Candidates.

One thing we never do is ‘spray’ your CV to everyone and anyone. That is a common practice amongst most recruiters who get your CV on to as many desks as possible. That is dangerous! In this rather small industry, word can get out and before you know it, everyone knows you are looking around. Confidentiality is Key.

We will maximise your opportunity of securing the right role for you. You will be well supported and briefed by us, and totally prepared for each interview.  We assure you that you will be at your best and feel totally confident in your new venture in securing that ideal new career move for you.

We specialise in a broad range of roles in the Financial Sector such as Financial Advisers, Wealth Advisers, Financial Advisers looking for self-employed roles so that they can build and develop their own Client base. Trainee Financial Advisers, Paraplanners, Administrators, Pension Specialists, Pension Transfer Specialists, various Compliance roles etc.

So, if you would like a confidential chat regarding new career opportunities for you within the Financial Services sector:

Then please telephone me Chris Newton on 0777-5786217 or Register Your CV